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24 Instagram Apps that Take Your Instagram Posts to the Next Level

The right tool makes all the difference. These Instagram apps will help you improve the quality of your social media posts and help you save time.

You’re likely aware of the numerous benefits of using Instagram to promote your Collinsbutlerblo products and services.

Instagram provides marketers with a wealth of useful functions. However, there are times when you require some extra assistance to take things to the next step. That’s where Instagram apps come in.

We’ve put together the best Instagram apps for:

Editing your photos. These are apps that help you edit, resize and add filters to your photos.

Layout layout and design. These apps allow you to add creative elements such as collages, graphics, and other graphics on your site’s pages for your business.

Video tools. These tools improve how your company creates, captures and edits videos.

Analytics engagement, data, and data with audience. Download Instagram apps to track how your audience is engaging and your content performance.

Let’s get started!

Table of ContentsInstagram layout applicationsInstagram editing appInstagram video editing appInstagram analytics appsApps for engagement on Instagram

Bonus: 14 time-saving tricks for Instagram power users Discover the secret methods that Hootsuite’s very own social media team employs to produce thumb-stopping content.

Instagram editing tools

1. VSCO (iOS and Android)

The reason you should give it a go it

VSCO is the most popular photo editing app. It’s so well-known that over 205 million Instagram posts use VSCO’s hashtag.

You can get 10 free preset filter to make your phone’s photos look like they were captured on film. VSCO offers a variety of tools for editing your photos, such as cropping contrast, saturation, contrast and grain.

Upgrade from the free version of this Instagram app to get access to more than 200 preset filter options and advanced tools for editing photos. Become a VSCO member.

2. Avatan’s Photo Editor (iOS & Android)

Why you should try it

Alongside providing filters and effects to apply to your original photo, Avatan Photo Editor makes it easy to retouch photographs and even create your own personalized effects. The base version of the photo editing app is available for free, however, you can have the option for additional features or advanced tools by making in-app purchases.

3. Snapseed (iOS and Android)

The reason you should give it a go it

With this photo editing Instagram application, you are able to edit both RAW and JPG images, making it a powerful application for photographers who are professional.

Beyond filtering your photos using the presets available, you can do serious photo editing tasks with Snapseed. There are 29 tools and features which allow you to edit your photos by removing objects (or even people) from the image. You can modify the geometry of structures and make use of curves to adjust brightness. You can also improve images by using incredible accuracy.

4. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor (iOS & Android)

Why it’s worth it

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is an extremely powerful tool for photo editing. Capture and edit raw images using its editing tools. enhance photos to a professional standard by adjusting their hue intensity, saturation, shadows and more.

Try out its preset filters and be inspired by modifications others Lightroom users have made with the Explore section. To improve your photo editing skills, you can also make use of the interactive tutorials.

5. A Color Story (iOS and Android)

Why you should consider it

The app for photo editing focuses on making your color scheme pop in your photos. 20 no-cost editing tools are accessible, along with filters and effects. presets were designed by professional photographers as well as influencers.

Additionally, you can use the advanced editing and the Instagram grid plan preview tool to ensure that your company’s Instagram grid is uniform and unified.

Instagram layout apps

6. Instagram Grid Hootsuite integration (Hootsuite app directory)

Why it’s worth it

You can build a grid with up nine images by using the Instagram Grid application. You can then upload the images directly on your Instagram account from the Hootsuite dashboard. You can schedule your grids in advance, and then publish them at times when your audience is the most active on Instagram (to ensure that your posts are set to get the most engagement).

Note:Instagram Grid currently only is compatible only with private Instagram accounts. Accounts for business aren’t yet supported.

7. Layouts from Instagram (iOS and Layout from Instagram (iOS and Android)

It’s worth a try

Make collages easily with this Instagram application for free that can combine up to nine images in a variety of combinations. Layout lets you create numerous collage layouts. You can also add filters and even add personal touches. And lastly, upload your collage on Instagram. You can also choose images from your library or capture your own photos with Layout’s built-in photo booth.

8. A Design Kit (iOS).

It’s worth a try

The Instagram app comes from the makers of A Color Story. You can personalize your Instagram feed with this app by layering fonts and stickers over your images.

It comes with more than 60 fonts, more 200 collage layouts and over 200 design options. The realistic brushes as well as backgrounds like marble, speckle and metallic will give your photos depth and texture.

9. AppForType (iOS & Android)

The reason you should give it a go it

The app is essential for those who love typography. AppForType offers a variety of frames, designs as well as collage templates. You can also choose from 60 fonts to add your company’s image. What makes this Instagram app different is that you can upload a picture of your own handwriting and upload it to the app.

10. Unfold (iOS and Android)

It’s worth a try

Unfold lets you customize your Instagram feed in a manner that is unlike anything else. You can create beautiful Instagram feeds which look professional thanks to an entire suite of designs (of which Selena Gomez loves).

Bonus: 14 time-saving hacks for Instagram Power Users. Discover the tricks Hootsuite utilizes to make top-quality content.

Buy it now

With more than 400 customizable templates available, and unique fonts, stickers filters and effects, Unfold is the best tool to create stunning Instagram posts. Unfold provides post and Instagram story editing within the application.

Instagram video editing applications

11. InShot Video Editor for Android and iOS

Why it’s worth it

It’s among the most popular Instagram applications for editing videos. You can trim, cut, split, merge, and cut videos. And it’s simple to change settings such as brightness and saturation.

This app also has Instagram-specific features, such as making videos square to display on Instagram.

12. Go Pro (iOS and Android)

Why you should try it

The GoPro app makes it easy to capture outdoor video for Instagram with the GoPro camera.

You can alter the settings for time-lapse and video using your smartphone while you record video. This will give you an idea of what your footage will appear like. Edits can be added to your video after it’s finished. You can freeze your most loved frames, or create motion-like effects, change speed and perspective, and change the hue.

13. Magisto Video Editor (iOS and Android)

Why it’s worth trying

The Instagram app uses artificial intelligence to power video tools. Magisto employs AI to find the best, most eye-catching parts of your footage to create a video that is able to resonate with the viewers. You can also use its algorithm to edit, add effects, and transitions to elevate your video.

14. Clips (iOS).

Why it’s worth trying

Clips is an Instagram app developed by Apple that allows you to make your Reels to life using fun and eye-catching features. You can add captions in your videos and make your videos more interactive by using stickers and emoticons. In addition, you can upload directly from Clips to Instagram.

You’ll need an iPhone 13, a 6th generation iPad mini or later, and a 3rd or newer iPad Pro to use this app.

15. FilmoraGo (iOS)

The reason you should give it a go it

FilmoraGo provides high-quality, professional video editing tools. They are simple enough to use for even the most experienced editors. Utilize the Curve Shifting features to mix acceleration and deceleration in a single video. The AR camera feature lets you create animated memojis or animojis in the app. These can be uploaded to your Instagram Reel or Story.

Instagram analytics applications

16. Hootsuite mobile application (iOS and Android)

The reason you should consider it

You can monitor your performance and gauge performance across all social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

The Hootsuite application monitors a range of Instagram analytics metrics, such as your account’s reach, engagement rates and growth of followers and provides specific performance statistics for each individual post. You can build analysis reports and easily communicate data that is specific to your company’s goals with your team and other stakeholders.

Hootsuite is more than just an Instagram analytics tool. It allows you to schedule Instagram posts to be posted later, even when you aren’t working at your desk. The content you post will be posted at the correct timing to engage with your audience and fill up your social media calendar. Hootsuite also makes it easy to monitor the content of your competition on posts on Instagram and track hashtags.

More details on Hootsuite analytics to Instagram can be found here:

17. Panoramiq Insights

Why it’s worth trying

Use this app with Hootsuite to kick your Instagram analytics to the next level. Panoramiq Insights from Synaptive gives detailed analytics on your Instagram account, including demographics of your followers including new followers, the number of views to your profile, as well as link clicks.

And if your company has more than one Instagram account the app will track analytics for two accounts. You can share the data it generates by exporting them as either a spreadsheet or PDF.

18. Command for Instagram (iOS)

The reason you should give it a go it

Command provides a host of distinctive metrics and provides your company’s most important stats each day. It also produces a report card which grades everything from your follower’ number to the frequency of your posts. You can also get suggestions for captions and hashtags, caption writing assistance, and recommendations on the best hashtagsfor your posts.

19. The most popular hashtags from StatStory (iOS and Android)

Why it’s worth it

It is possible to increase your audience engagement by adding hashtags in your Instagram posts. The Instagram application supports your company’s hashtag strategy by helping you incorporate popular hashtags. It employs an algorithm to identify hashtags appropriate for your business. To help you reach a wider audience it suggests a mix of more well-known and less popular keywords.

20. Clean it up (iOS).

Why it’s worth it

If you’re noticing an abundance of spam comments or you want to tidy up the Instagram accounts that your company interacts with, this is one of the most effective Instagram apps that can tidy up your follower list and cut down on comments.

One tap and this app will cleanse your list of followers and block accounts of bots or inactive followers, bulk delete duplicate content, bulk unlike and bulk like posts and bulk like.

Instagram engagement apps

21. Hootsuite Boost

Why it’s worth trying

If you’re looking to get more out of your Instagram posts, Hootsuite Boost can help. This Instagram application allows you to make use of your advertising budget to help make your most-viewed posts on Facebook more prominent .

Boost single posts using the Single Post Boosting function, or opt for Automatic Boosting to automatically boost posts that meet certain targets for performance or campaign.

Boost is also a great way to keep track of the performance of your promoted posts so that you can observe the results and adjust them as necessary.

22. Carousels, Stories and Reels scheduling in Hootsuite

Why you should give it a go it

Hootsuite Business accounts can schedule carousels , stories, and Reels in the Hootsuite app as well as Dashboard.

Scheduling Reels is a fantastic strategy for companies who wish to create solid and well-planned Reels but do not have the time or resources to publish them in a single session. Scheduling Reels through Hootsuite can be accomplished in the same manner in the same way as an Instagram Story. Learn how to schedule Reels here.

Carousels continue to receive the most engagement on Instagram. Hootsuite allows you to schedule Carousels just like regular posts on Instagram. Learn how to schedule carousels here.

23. Lately.ai Hootsuite integration

Why it’s worth trying

Lately.ai, an artificial intelligence software which creates posts on social media for , is called Lately.ai. It does this by studying the analytics of any social account you have connected to Hootsuite. Then, Lately uses machine learning to learn about your writing style and build models based on that information. The model is then used to write your blog posts. Lately.ai can assist you increase the reach of your posts by creating captions for your posts that encourage engagement.

24. Repost to Instagram #Repost (iOS)

Why it’s worth trying

Have you ever come across a post on Instagram and thought of sharing it in your feed? Repost for Instagram lets you do just that! The app lets you repost pictures and videosfrom other users while giving credit to the creator of the original. It is possible to even leave comments prior to sharing. This Instagram app will allow you to tap into new followers that might be interested in your content.

Hootsuite lets you control your Instagram account as well as your other social media channels. Through a single interface, you can schedule and publish posts, engage the audience and monitor your performance. Try it free today.


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